Many of the most prestigious hotel management companies have entrusted World Cinema to provide service to their entire portfolio of Hotels. Choose Your Channels. Choose World Cinema.

What is FREE-TO-GUEST television?

Free-to-Guest (FTG) channels are those channels which are not pay-per-view. FTG is the television programming provided as an amenity, free of charge, to the guest, patient, resident, etc. These are the channels guests are used to seeing at home.

Free-to-Guest bulk programming is based on delivering services to 100% of the property participating and is billed on a cost per room per month basis. The bulk programming packages are delivered at a significant discount. We provide programming to hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, marinas, assisted living centers, RV parks, and many others.

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Why would I choose World Cinema over another satellite or cable provider?

World Cinema’s goal is to provide each hotel with the solution to fight increasing cable rates. Our flexibility and customization options allow each hotel or management company to create a programming package that meets the demanding needs of their guests and reduces their monthly cable costs. With over 35 years in the satellite business, we’ve streamlined the entire process to ensure a seamless integration into the hotel. We specialize in providing the channels your guests watch the most and at the lowest cost. Because this is our single focus we are not distracted by residential customers or pay-movie systems. Your guests’ TV enjoyment is our only concern.

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Will my hotel need its local cable company?

Not at all. World Cinema cuts your cable TV costs by providing all the local network TV stations plus the satellite channels your guests really watch!

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How can a hotel benefit by choosing Free-to-Guest services from World Cinema instead of the “packaged” services that other companies offer?

Hoteliers today have realized that by unbundling their “packaged” services, they can negotiate higher pay movie revenue shares and get the lowest “true” cost on their Free-to-Guest programming. And because World Cinema’s system seamlessly integrates with other in-room entertainment services, the hotel realizes the benefits of higher revenue share and the guests will not notice any difference in quality or convenience.

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What are my out of pocket expenses?

World Cinema’s packages are a complete solution that connects into your existing distribution system. We will provide, install and maintain the satellite system and develope the package that best suits your properties needs and fits withing your budget.

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Can we get more than one HBO, Showtime or STARZ channel?

Yes. Multi-plexing movie channels is a World Cinema specialty. This is a great way to offer your guests more quality programming. It’s also a great marketing tool that may direct more business to your hotel.

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Does World Cinema provide pay movies services?

World Cinema is exclusively a Free-to-Guest service provider. Even though we do not provide pay movies, our systems are completely compatible with whom ever you choose. We are in thousands of hotels side by side with all major pay movie providers.

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What kind of technical support can I expect from World Cinema?

World Cinema has the largest network of satellite installers and technicians across the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for on-site support. We provide our customers with a toll-free number to report any service issues to our in-house technical service staff who will provide prompt and reliable support.

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How do I give my customers this great service?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… If you are not currently a World Cinema customer, please call 1-800-944-9441 to speak to our sales team and learn more about our services and to request a customized satellite proposal.

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